how it all works

productphotographyMA.com1. contact us

We've want to make the process as simple as ordering anything online. Start by clicking Begin Your Order in the menu above to begin. 

Review the different product types & backgrounds and pick which one fits your product. Once you make your choice there are a number of options to choose from including the quantity of items you want photographed in that style, the speed you need it photographed and if you want it outlined in a "silo/clipping path" for photoshop. 

Once you've gotten everything filled out click the SUBMIT button.
Feel free to call us at 781-826-8189 prior to placing your order to get more information.

productphotographyMA.com2. ship us your products

After you've submitted your order, we'll review it and send you a confirmation invoice via email along with the next steps you'll need to take. We'll tell you how to submit payment and also where to send the products, advice on how to pack the products and how to plan for return shipping using pre-printed labels after the shoot. It's a good idea to try and select the best products if you can, trying to avoid dings, dents, and scratches. Of course, pack each item securely so they don't get damaged in transit. Enclose your contact information inside the box so we can let you know when your products arrive.

As you prepare your product for shipment, now is a great time to tell us how you'd like it photographed by responding to the email. Taking cell phone pictures of the product on your desk is the quickest way to get the idea across. Clear guidance is required to be eligible for reshoots and the money back guarantee.

Pack up your products and ship them to our Pembroke, MA studio.

Our shipping address:
21 Kallio Path
Pembroke, MA 02359 3. we photograph your products in our studio

When your products arrive in our studio we'll contact you to let you know. Now that we have your products on-hand, we will go over the details of your order and discuss with you any questions or concerns you may have before we start. Once we have collected your payment details and you give us your approval to start, the fun begins and we'll start shooting your photos!

4. instant online download of completed images

When the pictures are ready, you'll be sent a link to a handy online gallery. If you approve of the images, you can download the images in full resolution jpeg files (for printing) or low resolution jpegs (for the web). 

If you don't approve, everything is 100% Money Back guaranteed, so you have nothing to worry about & we're happy to try again or refund your money. Be sure to review our terms and conditions before you ship so that we know what you have in mind.

Once everything is approved and downloaded we return ship your products to you with the labels you provided us. Thats it! In 4 easy steps, you just boosted sales and improved your brand image. Good job!