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Check out our amazing senior portrait "inMotion" video slide shows.

These "30 seconds of Fame" now give our high school seniors a taste of their portrait session that they can share with friends and family on myspace, facebook, etc. The result is just a more emotive experience that is both slick and fun.

Note: Due to the low resolution of these "sneak peeks" provided by the software producer you may find the images to appear a little soft, especially on higher resolution monitors or if they are viewed full screen. Please be assured that your portraits are as sharp and clear as the portraits you've seen at our studio or on our web site. Thanks for understanding.

If you're having trouble viewing the slideshows please try the following suggestions from Animoto:


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The next likely candidate is Javascript, which you may have turned off in your browser. This one will pretty much disable the entire site, though, so it's unlikely you've got it turned off if nothing else is giving you problems.

Lastly, it is possible that another piece of software on your computer, such as a firewall or anti-virus program, is causing an issue. Do you have Norton or are you behind a school firewall, for example? If so, you may need to allow the Flash player to access the external video file by adjusting some settings.

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