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It's not just wallets any more.

Choosing poses from among all the shots taken during an Ultimate Session photo shoot can be challenging. That's why many clients invest in a senior album from our large Album Collections. They get to enjoy a beautiful book full of a wide variety of stunning images that will be treasured for many, many years.

Below you can view some sample albums to give you an idea of what could be sitting on the coffee table in your house (or even in your purse, in the case of the cute Mini Album or the duplicate micro-albums that are available with the soft-and hard-cover books.

Senior Mini Album   Senior Flip Album   Senior Softcover Album   Senior Hardcover Album   Senior Traditional Album

3x3 Mini Album

is the perfect size to carry in pocket or purse. Pick 9 of your favorite images to go in the book.

Note All images are copyrighted and may not be reproduced, shared or otherwise copied to other web sites. Due to differences in computer hardware, the colors, brightness, contrast, etc. will vary from display to display. Online photos at these small sizes cannot convey the high quality of an actual album.

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