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welcome to our studio & website

Our full time portrait studio is located in a beautiful spot in Pembroke nestled on over three acres of woodlands, surrounded by a nature preserve. Only one mile from Pembroke center, off of route 36 coming from the North or route 27 coming from the South.  

There's lots of great scenery to create portraits, along with our old favorites our clients love, like our victorian gazebo, stone walls, wooden arch with ivy, and copper wall!  In back of us are wonderful sunlit walking trails and even a pond! Great for family portraits, including the family pooch!

We would love to hear from you at our 781-826-8189 or e mail us at [email protected]

Some Changes Due To Covid 19

So due to the corona virus, I am conducting all of my photo shoots outside. I will have oodles of hand sanitizer available, and both me and my assistant will be wearing masks. I would appreciate if both you and your son/daughter could wear one also. ( don't worry, they can take it off while I photograph them! )

Since I am on three acres of land with many great areas for photography, I am confident you will be happy with the results. If requested, we can also hang a muslin background on my back deck we can use to get the look of indoor studio lighting for several images.. We have fixed up our garden shed to be used as a dressing room as the studio is not yet open to public. Hopefully by the Fall when everyone is vaccinated this won't be the case.

I set up a computer screen under my balcony on the deck at a table we can both sit at ( six feet apart ) to view and order the images about a week after your session. I believe conducting business outside as much as possible is the safest alternative right now.


our guarantee . . .

We guarantee you’ll love your images. If for any reason you’re not happy with them, we’ll do another session without charge. It’s important to us that the images we create for you meet or exceed your hopes.

our philosophy . . .

a bit about our philosophy as a portrait photographer in the digital age. READ MORE

never out of style . . .

Susan White, Photographer

We just celebrated our 30th year. However we’ve decided to remain 29, which is old enough to stop chasing trends, but young enough to keep things fresh.

After all these years, our style remains uncontrived and timeless. We insist on taking the extra time to create soft, warm, dimensional lighting.  Maybe that’s why people often confuse our portraits with paintings. Thousands of families have trusted us to make portraits that will not go out of style, portraits that will still look beautiful after let’s say… 29 years.

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