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A beautiful portrait is an investment that requires pre-planning. Our portraits just don't happen by accident - it is the result of a desire to create a portrait that will be cherished for years. Communication of goals, yours and ours plays an essential part in the creation of the final image.

If possible, we would like to have you make an appointment to meet with us, and plan your session ideas and clothing choices. Your portrait will be enhanced with the proper attire.

We encourage both formal and informal changes of clothing. Dress for full length and be sure to coordinate socks, shoes, hats and jewelry. Just as you would decorate your wall with a fine art painting, your portrait should be carefully designed. For example, the colors in your family room should be repeated in the portrait, if that is the room you are planning on hanging it in. When deciding what to wear, you should take this into consideration.

Also think about whether you need a horizontal or a vertical image to fit into your space. Bring a variety of possibilities and we will help you select the outfits which are best. Many of the images you see both on our web site and in our portrait displays in the studio and other locations illustrate children?s clothing that we have provided. We know what will give a timeless classic look to your portraits, and also what will coordinate with our varied backgrounds and props. However, we also encourage you to bring your favorite outfits in addition!

After you schedule a session with us we'll send you a clothing brochure as a guide.



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