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why a senior portrait by Susan White stands out way above the rest.

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Susan White Photography brings the highest level of creativity to your portraits that you'll find anywhere. You will get images tailored specifically to your likes and desires, and no two will be alike. 

Susan White is recognized by her peers as one of the nation's top senior photographers. She's constantly innovating with state-of-the-art cameras, lenses, lighting and posing so you get awesome photographs you will be proud to own and show your friends and family.

Susan is just as comfortable making a beautifully-lit traditional studio portrait as she is hanging from ladder or balancing on some rocksa stream to help make the craziest idea you have into the image of your dreams.

Unlike most photographers, Susan has the rare ability to show who you are in your portraits, not just what you look like. You are a unique person, and your portraits should reflect your individuality. 

Susan spends time before your photoshoot finding out exactly what you want and also what your parents want. And in addition to ensuring you get portraits you like, she also makes it a point to try something new and different for every senior she photographs.

This commitment to artistic creativity assures you of getting images that are not the boring assembly-line senior pictures you see everywhere else.

By definition, a professional is engaged full time in earning a living doing photography. Part-timers, amateurs and friends or family members who have a 'good camera' are not professionals. They simply do not have the experience, the equipment, the technical knowledge or the talent to make you look your very best.

Susan knows how to make even the most camera-shy senior feel relaxed and look good. She has spent decades refining her technique so that the slightest tip of the head, adjustment of the light or turn of the shoulder can make the difference between a mere snapshot and a stunning portrait. 

Amateurs (and even many professionals) don't understand these fine points. They can take your snapshots—but you should never trust them to take your senior portraits. You're only going to do this once, so do it right: with Susan White Photography!

Great lighting isn't "just there" when we walk into the camera room or step outdoors, and we point our camera at it.

95% of the time, the light isn't just right and we have bad shadows, spotty light or no illumination to the eyes.

Inexperienced photographers often settle for poor light or just blast an on camera flash at you and hope for the best. Not us! At Susan White that just isn't good enough, so we work our magic to make bad lighting great lighting. Through our proper use of reflectors, light diffusers, and even off camera soft strobe boxes, we craft the lighting so that our portraits look great. Sure, it's much more work on our part but look at our images and you'll see that there is no comparison.

Susan White Photography has been a full service studio for over 3 decades. We take care of you from your initial contact to final completion of your order. You don't have to go to one place for your session, then somewhere else to see your images, then somewhere else for framing and have to get grad cards from another company. With Susan White, it’s all smooth and seamless. Nestled in a beautiful retreat property you'll find your visits relaxing. We have a private building with staff and normal hours, so you are not hunting down someone with only a cell phone number. .

We know that most people are unsure on how to get ready for their photo shoot. Unless you are a professional model you just don't know what to do or what to bring.

When you book a photo shoot at Susan White, we'll mail you our exclusive Senior Style Guide. The guide will help you prepare for your photo shoot with important tips like what to wear, what colors to look for, things to avoid and even makeup and grooming tips for photos. The more prepared you are the better your photographs will be..

Many beginner photographers just tell you to stand there and they snap away, hoping to get something that looks ok. That is totally the wrong way to create a flattering portrait. The right pose can make you look a size smaller. The wrong pose can make you look a size larger. Do you know the right and wrong way to move and stand in front of a camera?

Don't worry, we do! Susan will guide you on how to move, stand and position yourself so that you look your best.

Let us know too if you're not sure how a part of you might look on camera, she will keep an eye out for that. If you are worried about your arms looking big, we will pay special attention to how you are positioning your arms, so as not to make them look larger than they really are.

We're seeing so many photos from other photographers with color that looks like a bad Instagram photo. Who wants their skin to look like that?

We understand color and each of our cameras, and monitors go through an elaborate color calibration process to render perfect, rich, beautiful color. That's why everyone's skin color looks great in a Susan White portrait.

If you hear a friends photographer say that this or that color is in style, find them another photographer. To us correct color is a big deal.

We've been creating portraits for over 3 decades and our clients keep coming back because they know that they are getting the best quality print finishing available. Un-educated photographers often use low priced labs that use cheaper chemistry and paper which shortens the life of their photos. Not all labs are created equal.

At Susan White Photography, we use one of the highest quality pro labs in the country. We then have their archival grade prints and canvasses coated with a UV inhibitor, which acts like a sunscreen on your prints to make them last longer. All of our albums and mountboards are acid free as well. This results in prints that will last up to 40-50 years! That's a far cry better than the 10 year photos you get at many places.

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