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Facebook Seniors by Susan White & Mark O'Connell PhotographyHow do you get FREE Photos for my smartphone?

That's easy ...

We want your social media friends and fans to go "WOW" over your senior portraits. So, on any pose you get for wallets we will include at no charge a "social media" use only, non-printable" copy of that pose. The more poses you order, the more images you'll get.

It's a win-win for both of us!

Each social media portrait will include our trademark logo, and/or website address on it. You'll be allowed free use of these copyrighted images as long as you keep the images "as is". This way you have authorized portraits on your facebook page or smartphone to share, and we get to proudly show that you made the right choice where to have your senior portraits taken.

Why can't I just scan my senior portraits myself?

Well, legally Facebook and other social media streams frown upon copying professionaly created, copyrighted images and could shut down your facebook or other accounts. Not cool! Imagine not being in touch with all your peeps!

Secondly, most of the time when we come across people who have copied our images the quality is terrible with bad color, not sharp, and poorly cropped. Plus, we feel a little violated because someone has copied our work without our permission and this effects the relationships we have with all our wonderful clients.

So, let's all be responsible social media friends and fans. We'll be happy to provide you with great quality portraits for your use. You just have to tell your friends how much you love your portraits!

Sounds fair to me. How do I get my FREE SMARTPHONE PHOTOS?

First, you have to become a fan of Photography by Susan White.

Go to our Business page at:Join Susan White & Mark O'Connell Photography on Facebook

Click on the "Like" button at the top of the page next to our studio name.

Then after you place your order and your purchased poses have been retouched, we will post them and tag you so that you can share them on your own page.

Second, Tell your friends about us and have them become fans. The more the merrier. We want our list of fans to be Huge, and we can use your help!

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