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Yearbook Deadlines for Senior Picture submission

As a courtesy, each year we attempt to acquire the area schools deadline for yearbook photo submission. Many schools do not always reply to our request so it is the responsibility of the student and parent to check with the school and provide us with this information. Once we have them, we'll try to post them here. Click on any link to go to the schools website.

They rarely change much from year to year, so even last year's info give you a general idea. Please verify your deadline with the school and use this only as a guide.

It's important to remember that these are the deadlines that your school wants the yearbook photo. You should plan on having your appointment with us no later than 21 days before the deadline. Please remember that there are thousands of seniors doing the same thing so you should schedule as early as possible to get the best date and time for your portrait.

Important note: It's unfortunate that some schools will require you to use the school's contracted studio photographer for the yearbook photo. Remember that this is just for the yearbook photo. You are under no obligation to purchase anything from them. Most seniors never really like the one taken at the school and prefer to also go to a real professional studio anyway. It's your money and you can go anywhere you want to get senior portraits that you'll want to share with family and friends.

Notre Dame Academy - must use school for yearbook only.

Old Colony HS -

Pembroke HS - Oct. 16

Plymouth North HS -

Plymouth South HS - Nov 13

Quincy HS -

Quincy North HS -

Reading HS -

Rockland HS - Nov. 1

Sacred Heart HS - must use school for yearbook

Scituate HS - Nov. 1

Sharon HS -

Silverlake Regional HS - Dec. 15

South Shore Charter School -

South Shore Christian Academy - Oct. 15

South Shore Voke Tech -

Tabor Academy - Sept. 26

Taunton HS - Oct. 28

Thayer Academy - Sept. 26

Tri-County RVTHS -

Wakefield HS - must use school for yearbook

West Bridgewater HS -

Weymouth HS - October 9

Whitman-Hanson Reg.HS - December 19

Woodward School -

Xaverian Brothers HS -

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