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Here are a few . . .

  • #1 Mistake. Let me make it easy on you, just empty the closet & bring it all. Since I can't come to your home and pick clothing out myself, please bring it all. I am wonderful at selecting outfits that ensure amazing color harmony with the senior's skin tone, eye color, background choices, ...
  • #2 Mistake. Arriving hungry. Please please eat before you come. My sessions are high energy. You'll need your strength. Honestly, I've had to stop sessions and send mom to McDonalds to get a burger.
  • #3 Mistake. Forcing the senior to bring clothing that isn't them. In other words, I have photographed girls who are jeans and t-shirt kind of girls but mom forced her to bring dresses & formal wear only. Please please just bring it all.
  • #4 Mistake. Selecting a photographer based on ANYTHING other than the quality of the imagery. You get one chance to hire a professional photographer for senior portraits. My clients will tell you a 1000 times, they LOVE looking at their Susan White Portraits displayed on their walls. Once the senior leaves, it is the LAST time they will probably live with you. Capture this moment in time. Freeze this amazing moment with beautiful portraits. You will NEVER regret it not for one second! So quality should be the #1, #2, and #3 reason you select a photographer.
  • #5 Mistake. Hiring a natural light, on-location only photographer. You see, lighting is nearly everything. And, nice cameras don't create light it just records it. Beautiful light is either created or found. I believe you should hire a photographer who is proficient with a lot of different lighting scenarios. I am an expert at creating the light each image deserves not just pressing the button in natural light (heck, you could do that yourself!). Sure you should hire a photographer that can produce beautiful natural light images but please realize there is a LOT more lighting than just natural light. There is soft studio lighting, edgy studio lighting, soft natural light, harsh natural light, off camera flash, subtractive lighting, additive lighting, and many more. I think senior pictures deserves them all! My clients LOVE the variety.

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